More About Me

Born & Raised

I was born and raised in small town Moses Lake. Early on I knew Moses Lake & Grant County would be my forever home. The outdoor recreation, sense of community, 300+ days of sunshine per year, low cost of living and wide variety of skilled jobs that are available is too good to leave for somewhere else.

I grew up working in and around my Dad’s Auto Restoration shop, my Grandparents Cattle Farm, and the handful of Rental Homes they owned. One Grandfather in particular was always adamant on how Real Estate can be life changing, his words always stuck close to me through life.

In my free time I organize and host local Off Road Vehicle events of all sizes for my Non-Profit Group, the Sand Scorpions. I have pushed, or in the other Board Members words, “drug the group kicking and screaming” to be more organized and efficient in hosting some of our world class events, locally, bringing in tens of thousands of people to enjoy everything the area has to offer.

I strive to go above and beyond with whatever I may be working on. Whether it’s a client’s needs, personal endeavors or group effort, I want everyone to know they can count on me when I am working with or for them.